Sunday, January 26, 2014

Serendipity Canyon (Why don't we do it in the road)

The only thing Serendipitous about Saturdays adventure, was the fact that I'd made the early pickup time of 5.30am. When the alarm went off, I could have sworn I'd only just got to sleep after setting it a few hours prior. I was still feeling the effects of a big night out.

The sort of behaviour common when I was younger didn't quite seem to sit the way it used to when the elasticity of youth allowed us to spring back and return to form when necessary. The convenience and danger of living a few hundred meters from a Pub affords one a simple Yin and Yang outcome.

After a very funny night I woke to the realisation that I hadn't packed a single bit of gear, so it was a welcome relief that when Scott arrived I was actually ready to go, albeit a little weathered.

Thankfully Serendipity canyon was not only open after recent fires, but not a difficult day by any stretch of the imagination. A reasonable day out.

The walk in revealed an abundance of new growth after the recent bushfires. As sparse as the vegetation becomes, its quite beautiful to see the contrast of colour that follows fire. Lush greens and a rainbow of ochre against a backdrop of black. 
The abseils were fairly straight forward and the drop into the main section had us both reaching for our cameras. Coming to terms with new camera gear took up quite some time and needs more thought in regards to image quality. It's a great excuse to visit the mountains on a regular basis.
Once we entered the Wollongambe river, the temperature rose and the usual wildlife joined us for lunch. Waterdragons are spectacularly prehistoric looking creatures and incredibly deft when moving around the rocky escarpment. They also make great subjects as they remain quite still and allow for macro shots within centimetres.
We passed a group having a trip down the Wollongambe on Lilos which is a fantastic way to spend a summers day.
So another day ends on a high and with plans to visit Claustral canyon tomorrow....well lets just say an early start is needed. Get some!

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