Sunday, November 29, 2015

Grand Canyon Blue Mountains

With minimal time available to visit a new canyon in an old playground, I found myself sprawled across the seat on the early train to the mountains. The atmosphere was surprisingly subdued considering the encounters I've had in the past with inebriated party freaks squeezing the last bit of amusement out of their long night.

People were draped arms over legs, shoes missing, makeup running and hair that looked more appropriate on Halloween night. I felt surprisingly good after a long week, but could also relate to the tired souls drifting home after whatever urban adventure they had been part of.

With misty rain and low cloud forming a blanket of grey, I wandered along to the trailhead at Neates Glen. The Grand Canyon walking track was closed but access remained open over the weekend period for canyoners. Being a busy commercial loop I'd considered a night trip through but with an early start and average weather, I had a clean run. I'd wanted to check out the upper section to add a few more pitches but as usual, the camera took over.


 Parks have provided a bombproof setup for the main route in and the short overhanging drop gives a rather spectacular view both upstream and down. I was pleasantly surprised at how good the canyon was and has a similar feel to Rocky Creek in places. Although it isn't technical and fairly short, its definitely worth a visit.

Once out of the canyon, an endless wave of day walkers appeared at the junction so after chatting briefly with a few people it was up the trail to Evans Lookout and on home again, pleased that I'd made the effort to get out.

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