Thursday, May 5, 2011


Ive been watching the local creeks lately in the hope that some of them could be run in the right conditions.
I have raced down on numerous occasions after rain, to walk the sections I'd like to raft in case there are any problem areas that need avoiding. Urban rafting has a different set of dangers compared to normal river hazards and requires good knowledge of the sections you want to run.

I scoped a short section of one creek which included pipes with "Anti Human Spikes", bridges, concrete canals and various other interesting man made structures.

I watched the gauge rising during the day thanks to the NSWG water info site and gave Craig a call on the way home from work. I got the usual, "You want to do what ?...." spiel before getting the response I expected which was, "Lets go....I'm in!"

So off we went for some Wacky Packrafting fun. In my haste to run the creek, I left my helmet at home so the Go Pro had to be chest mounted. Thanks Craig for the Go Pro and Giggles.

Good times.

Untitled from Dibble on Vimeo.

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