Sunday, February 19, 2012


The last 6 weeks have been slightly difficult to deal with thanks to a slower than anticipated recovery from the Shoalhaven trip. Like most injuries, there seems to be a honeymoon period of a few weeks where the pain takes a back seat and some form of training resumes.

Any seated activities were out so I draped the packraft over my bike and left them to rest while I hit the local pool in an attempt to maintain some fitness. Swimming seemed to be the only thing I could manage after the first 3 weeks, but after 6 weeks I decided it was time to get back into some walking.

Dana and I headed back to the Blue Mountains to walk a short loop along the National Pass. The loop itself was only around 4.5k's, and maybe a kilometre or 2 more from Wentworth Falls station. The walk was great with some beautiful views and plenty of waterfalls to keep the camera busy.

The weather was perfect and as usual the first views into the valley brought with them a sense of calm. We were both impressed with the well maintained track and stone work since our last visit.

On the climb out we watched a group of canyoners finishing Empress Canyon and took some photo's of the final drop. It's a very busy canyon due to easy access, and the number of commercial groups that guide people through. We had a brief chat to the group in the pics then continued on.

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Another nice day out and a good way to ease back into some light pack hauling.

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