Sunday, August 8, 2010


Well the season got off to a late start after a huge dump in early August with over a meter falling in 48 hours. I had been out a few times before it hit, learning to use my kite and spending some time skiing with Dana out at Cootapatamba hut.

I decided to head down for a day trip in the hope the wind would pick up enough to use the kite again. I dropped in to see John at Paddy Pallin who did a great job repairing my ten year old Black Diamond poles, had Thai for dinner and slept in the car down at Thredbo diggings.

I headed up on the first lift after downing a sausage roll and battling the rather busy weekend crowds.
There wasn't a breath of wind so I was contemplating going back to Leatherbarrel creek for some riding but after watching a couple of others heading that way I thought I'd try out Etheridge ridge for something new. 

The whole way out I was watching the high cloud and looking to the horizon for any indication the wind might come up but it never came. 3 knots at best wasn't enough so I stashed the kite, took in the views and prepared for a few runs.

I took a fairly conservative line for the first run as I've spent too much time touring and not enough riding of late. The snow was great  and other than a few icy, wind affected sections I had a blast.
After 3 runs and no wind I headed back to Thredbo feeling quite content.

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