Sunday, December 18, 2011


Craig has been waiting for a week or two to get out and paddle his new packraft, but as we've both been busy, locking in a suitable time has been near on impossible. Organising even half a day was touch and go so when the gauge dropped well below the minimum I thought it was all over.

I was hoping to call another few Sydney based packrafters for a group trip, but by 5.00pm on Saturday afternoon, the gauge read .25 which I thought was a waste of time. Craig just needed to paddle so we made a very late decision to go and have a look anyway.

I used the occasion to try out a new packless drybag setup which seemed to work ok, but needs refining.
We expected a very boney run, but as it turned out, managed to paddle the expense of the ballistics nylon floor in the rafts.

So after an unexpected good day out at a very low gauge height, Craig was stoked with his new raft, and like all who taste the fruit of packrafting, is eagerly awaiting the next harvest.
The actual gauge height was .23 by the time we ran the section.

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