Monday, April 1, 2013

Lockleys Pylon

Sometimes when you're broken, its all the more important to beat your wings harder. You may fly slower and slightly off course but the views from above are just as spectacular as they always were.....

Dana and I left on a spur of the moment trip to the Blue Mountains, after managing two days in sync. 
 Lockleys Pylon is a magnet for those looking for sub aerobic heart rates, spectacular views, and a place to relax and reflect. The walk is a short 7klm loop which we dissected by camping overnight. We took the opportunity to dine on some fantastic food as the sun disappeared and the evening colours faded into a haze of laughter and good memories. It's just so great to be back amongst it.... 

As we arrived at Lockley Pylon the views swept 360 degrees revealing an abundance of rock, colour and wildlife. We have walked almost all of the surrounding area from the windswept tops, dark canyon slots and valley floors.

David Crevasse can be seen in the pic below (centre slot) which I had recently visited to unlock the secrets hidden from the outside world. Who would have known the beauty within....

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Get out there folks.....:-)

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